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Welcome to,

Thank you for visiting my website. Through these pages, you will be able to read samples of my stories to date, discover some of the ideas behind the ideas and learn a little about myself.

So why What are the Stickydragons?
The creation of this creature is solely down to my young son who would tell me stories about fearsome creatures called Stickydragons and goblins. And how he and his friends would do battle with them.
Through his imagination and story telling, he inspired me piece together some of these stories and assemble them into a single book.

After completing Samuel-Stickydragon Slayer, I began a writing a sequal which at present is still in progress. A third story 'The Diary' (also in progress), is unrelated to the previous two books and is a tale about time travel.

I am grateful for your time and hope you enjoy what you read.

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